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Gapped Core

Gapped cores are produced in the process of winding the transformer strip on a mandrel followed by processes of cutting the resin-bond core that is hot-manufactured and synthetic. The wound core form is better adapted for the operation of the magnetic induction current and the material grain structure used more efficiently compared to the sheet stamping core with different shapes.

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Our Gapped core design is better adapted to the magnetic induction current operation and the material grain structure is used more effectively than the sheet stamping core of different shapes.

Air gap cores need very precise manufacturing technology. They are widely used in various types of inductors, as well as current sensors. Nicore can provide customers with toroidal, rectangular, and other shapes of gapped cores with air gap from1mm to10mm or customized according to customer’s specifications.

Round shape and wound in the same direction of closed magnetic circuit, no magnetic leakage, so the performance is the best. With the toroidal winding machine, the coil could be wound onto the core easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Gapped cores

  • Electrical energy saved thanks to low specific iron watt losses.
  • Saving in quantity of used copper for winding thanks to smaller dimensions and weight of cut cores.
  • Saving in work costs exert for transformers assembly thanks to easy assembly.
  • Low noise.

Before shipment the cores are re-measure d,we provide the electro magnetic values a t test upon customer’s request.


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     3. Special type transformers


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