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EI Lamination Core

We are one of India’s best EI Lamination Core suppliers, making us a global pioneer in the magnetic cores sector. Our electrical steel is manufactured out of two adjacent E laminations to form the winding window area and I laminations are to be placed along the leg ends of the E laminations. Since EI cores have two open coil sides, they provide substantial room to bring high current lead wires out of the coil. This also permits good heat dissipation.

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EI Cores are easier to achieve with high electrical voltage. EI cores are applicable in transformers that require low noise, low magnetizing current, fast assembly and low cost.

Benefits of EI laminated cores (CRGO)

  • Low Humming Noise
  • Low Magnetization
  • Quick Assembly 
  • Value for the price with better quality

Before shipment the cores are re-measured, we provide the electromagnetic values at test upon customer’s request.


    1. Distribution Transformer                                                2.Power Transformer


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