Mini Cores

We use a fully automatic mini core winding machine to produce with a minimum of 6mm in height and 8mm inner diameter. All of the cores are made of high permeability electrical steel made in Japan and South Korea. With ultra-high vacuum annealing, we guarantee stable performance and precise dimension. 

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Our capacity for the mini core is 500,000 pieces per month. Mini toroidal core is used in smart meters, microcurrent transformers, inductors, and other applications.

Wound with the independently developed winding machine, high vacuum heat-treated, with high accurate dimensions, high inductance, low residual magnetism, and excellent reliability.

Corresponding material can be used to satisfy customers’ different demand of quality.                              Minimum strip width: 3mm

Benefits of Mini toroid cores

• Close flux path.

• Low magnetic leakage.

• Low noise of transformers.

• Compact dimensions.

• Low weight of transformers.

Before shipment the cores are re-measure d,we provide the electro magnetic values a t test upon customer’s request.


                1. Telecommunication                                                              2. Medical field (at home and hospital)                                                                         

                3. Music instruments                                                                             4. Ballasts


               5. EMI filter                                                                                             6. Current Transformers



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