Toroidal Core

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Toroidal Core

Toroidal core is basically wound grain oriented silicon strip containing approx imately 3% of silicion to the circle or other form.Toroid cores can be in different types and different shapes according to customer wish and project.

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Our Toroidcores are supplied in different types of construction and in different types of quality according to used base material. Which can be chamfered on the inside and outside edges and make possible to wound the coil without using protective capping strip. Another advantage of chamfer edges is to eliminate possibility of breakage the banding and also to eliminate possibility of breakage the winding.

Benefits of toroid cores

• Close flux path.

• Low magnetic leakage.

• Low noise of transformers.

• Compact dimensions.

• Low weight of transformers.

Before shipment the cores are re-measure d,we provide the electro magnetic values a t test upon customer’s request.


                1. Telecommunication                                                                            2. Medical field (at home and hospital)                                                                         

                3. Music instruments                                                                             4. Ballasts


               5. EMI filter                                                                                             6. Current Transformers



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